rest.redbase < to dub/bass/d&b/jungle/breaks/lo-fi radio

bonton — beauty club


pprfast (design, frontend)

ppr-draft-01 ppr-draft-02

vasko — mobile version — online store of household appliances (design, frontend)

screens-vasko-design2_1 screens-vasko-design2_2screens-vasko-design2_3 

screens-vasko-design2_4 screens-vasko-design2_5 screens-vasko-design2_6

galley shipping — full site building

design-techmas-01 design-techmas-2-03

bezdtp — application and site (frontend, dev, design)

bezdtp-appmobile-app-v0.4.2_640x960-2 view full graphic content

sociaro — marketing mobile — ui/ux (desktop, mobile), logotype

sociaro-logos-02.2sociaro-ui-design-01sociaro-ui-design-02 — full production online catalogue

design-1 design-2

teply pol — design site

tp-design-rsa-01 tp-design-rsa-02

itc-get (developing simulators of atomic stations)

rsa-itc-get-design-1.08rsa-itc-get-design-3 rsa-logo1 rsa-logo2

Poliptih shop (unreleased)

cart catalogue index product — full re-design manufacturing company

_1 январь

beydzh-1 beydzh-2 beydzh-3 beydzh-4 beydzh-5 beydzh-7

masterchef (world franchise) russia — cooking show on ctc media (dead project)

masterchef-design-0 masterchef-design-1 — image advertising system — logotype, style, original graphgics — make original business project


cc_site_2012cc2012-t-shirts1dJjm1RJgtk8Zq21Ya-ZZMcc2013cc2013-site — american and europe online game store — dub-wise and jungle music projeсt from canary islands — template for online-shop

gold-eggs — full design works (logotype, original style, branding, polygraphy, expo, site)


gold-eggs_sitegoldeggs_logo_rsa_version — logotype and template for online-shop